2 February 2009

Candlemas, and so much for spring!

Yup, we had a fairly decent snow here - just as we were heading out for a walk!

Candlemas evening celebration. Using up all of the old half-used candles. Jenna has helped roll some more beeswax candles too, but it felt a bit decadent lighting those already when we had such a lovely flickering display already.

No snowdrops around here yet, mine appear to have not bothered. But the poor little crocuses that had started peeping up in my garden might wish themselves a bit hardier over the next week... Instead we brought in the last withering strands of winter Jasmine, and some newly budding cherry, for our mantelpiece. No matter how wintery it suddenly feels again!


  1. Lovin all your crafty bits....we've been making pom poms too!!
    I have some snow drop fairies to put on my season table...oh I must be brave and update my blog.
    But please tell me this....where did you get the beautiful statue in your candle display photo? The man and lady one. It is gorgeous!!
    Please tell!!!

  2. My hubby bought it for me for Christmas, and it came from our local market I'm afraid! I can ask the stall owner where it came from though, she's the lady who sells my jewellery.


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