8 March 2009

Weekend bump picture!

Dithered about whether to post this. Again figure that, in a world where you've read my birth stories and seen me nursing a gymnastic toddler, I don't have a lot left to hide. By the way, the door behind me? Morgan liberally applied massage oil to it. Being cross is such a waste of energy. ;)


  1. :))) I love your bump pictures.

    Thanks for posting hon; ahhh makes me feel all nostalgic

  2. Beautiful :) and looking very-almost-cooked! (hugs) xxx P.S. A very small part of me is jealous but then my head kicks in and reminds me I only had one 6 months ago ;) xxx

  3. Sarah - you have a beautiful bump.
    You know how some bumps just make you go aaahhhh, well thats yours and me just then.
    Oh, I hope you get what I wrote lol.

  4. Your bump is lovely, I want one!!!!


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