21 March 2009

Equinox randomness

What a beautiful sunny day it has been! We started the day with some craft activities (which I'm not going to put up on the other blog just yet for the sake of simplifying photo uploading which I've still not 100% figured out). The girls also found the Season Table newly re-decorated with more spring goodies too, especially our wooden sun making its seasonal reappearance, paper eggs, and a new flower fairy!
spring equinox 004

spring equinox 001

Anyway, we made ribbon streamers and took them outside to play in the sunshine and lovely fresh light spring breezes. I made a hole in the top of a lolly stick using a paper punch and the girls both chose their ribbons. :)
spring equinox 008
After a lot of running around we came back inside and did some other painting/sticking stuff too, but none of those got finished except the tissue paper flowers which Jenna INSISTED on making again.
spring equinox 006

And lemon cake. It tasted every bit as good as it looks.
spring equinox 015

But what did the girls MOST want to do this afternoon with a friend over? Wash the car, of course; warm sunshine plus water plus bubbles = preschooler heaven. Plus of course the car is still a HUGE novelty, and mummy is for some reason really stingy about children desperately wanting to just got for a ride in it... ;)
spring equinox 010

spring equinox 013
They all got soaked. Someone thought it was a good idea to let Morgan help fill the water bucket...
spring equinox 012
Oh drat, I seem to remember that being me...

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