20 March 2009

Sorry about the pictures, folks!

OK, well apparently too many people are viewing my blog and photobucket might fall over if I am too loved. ;)

Therefore either I can pay to have them host my pictures (nope), transfer all my old pictures to different hosting and have *them* ask me to pay instead (nope), or put up with nothing showing from photobucket until the 2nd of next month.

I've got Flickr now, to fill the gap, can't stop putting up pictures lol - if baby is born soon I think a number of people would actually seriously fall out with me if I use the rubbish-ness of photobucket as an excuse not to post baby pictures...

On the other hand, from the bandwidth I'm using just from my 200-odd pictures, there must be a LOT of people viewing this blog... Welcome, friends old and new! And please bear with me while I sulk some more at image hosting people. :(


  1. Hey come on though, that is pretty impressive!!!! lol

    Maybe spread your photos over a few free online albums as well as putting the odd pic up from straight from your computer.


  2. I know - very confused! Anyway, I've finally worked out how Flickr works and have transfered the most recent images. And everything else will show images again in a week or so. *sigh*

    Going to have to be more careful where I upload stuff now, I'm not bloody paying for hosting!

  3. I bet you have lots of views! You should get a counter :)
    Can see the recent pics now.

    Megan (Imogen's Mum) xx

  4. I'm one of those people who are viewing your blog :D

    I try to read everyday - excited about your new arrival!

    Just worked out that I can post without joining - yes, I AM that lazy!!


    Jo xx

    (joannec87 on ivill - mum to Noah (now 2!!!))

  5. Lol hi again Jo. :) And wow, TWO! Noah must have changed so much since I last saw a pic!

  6. Will email you one hun :)

    Jo x

  7. Wow, thankyou - he is SO grown up! I keep looking at Morgan at the moment and thinking I hardly recognise her, and I see her every day. *sigh* It goes so fast, so fast. :)

  8. Hi I'm also one of those people loving you from afar (apologies to your hosting) - like Jo I'm also try to read your blog every day. We first met on MCM06 (sad to remind you of one of your angels) and we also met once as a (sadly not in touch enough) friend of Jo, Aoife, Roisin and baby (ooh - the name was being registered today)

    I'm totally amazed by lots of things: your honesty about your parenting and opinions; and the way you take them so seriously (and yet lightly too) and often feel jealous of your abilities (especially as I'm a fulll-time working mum) Have often wanted to reply but felt a bit odd - anyway enough - boys to get to bed and just to close - keep on blogging and putting up lovely pics of your girls and baby to be.

    Rachel (also on ivillage MCOD06 and MCM03)

  9. Hi! Wow, nice to hear from you again. :)

    Lol at Jo having to cancel the appointment yesterday, can't wait to hear what they finally decide on! And thankyou so much for your kind words.


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