2 March 2009

All Things Bright and Beautiful

This morning as soon as it warmed up enough, a spot of weeding, putting some summer bulbs in (alongside the very happy spring ones, look how well those are doing!), and general garden play.

I just completely cleared up down here knowing that the midwife is about to arrive. She's late now by the way lol, but I'm not complaining. ;) It's a bit pathetic that I don't want her to see the mess we really live in, but hey we did let it get pretty messy again. Anyway, as soon as I clear up the space on the living room floor, this is what happens...
I think probably we're falling into a bit of a bad habit of me nagging the children to tidy up and then doing it myself when I get sick of it. Uhoh.

Right, well, having persuaded Jenna that since she was done playing with the castle and blocks she should clear them away, a knock comes at the door. NOT the midwife. The gas safety inspector to take the fireplace to pieces. So much for worrying about the mess eh?

Another Spring Season Table picture. Lady Spring and our sunshine now installed, and the girls helped me to needle felt the tiny chick and egg (I was VERY nervous about the felting needle, but they proved me totally wrong by being very very careful with it). :)
And a lovely present, arrived this morning: with money from my Dad, one Onbag Baby in blue and brown.


  1. Not fair! I want an onbag! I'm having to make do with a home made one when I get chance

    I'm on here scavenging pictures lol

  2. ps. am I ok to use the pics you put on the iv slings board?

  3. What a lovely day you had by the looks of it. The onbag baby looks gorgeous. I need more hours in the day, I have my material but no time to make it at the moment :(

    Did the midwife arrive while the fire was in bits? That's what would have happened to me.

  4. Ohhh I keep checking in here to see if you have had your baby :) Glad you are both holding out until nearer your due date!

    I LOVE that baby swing btw, where did you buy it from? I really want a similar one for my dd.... does the canvas take ages to dry if it gets wet? Would you buy that one again?

    Sorry for asking boring questions!

    Claire x

  5. I keep checking in here to see if you and that bae are holding on still until nearer your due date :) Glad to see you are!

    I LOVE that baby swing btw! Where did you buy it? i am looking for one for my dd.... woul dyou buy the same one again? Does the canvas take ages to dry when it gets wet? Sorry for the boring questions!

    It looks so sunny in your garden! I am glad Spring has arrived :)

    Claire x

  6. Izzy, of course hun, use any pictures you like. :) No problem.

    Lol the midwife had her slot with me (which was booked in her home-visits, ie her own personal organiser) filled with clinic appointments while she was on holiday by her industrious stand-in, who had no idea she usually does home visits on Monday afternoons. *sigh*

    Bubs is now VERY nearly 36 weeks!

    And the swing was from Perfectly Happy People and was very cheap. It's lovely and dries out well, but would have kept its colour better if we hadn't left it out over winter. We put clips at the top and take it down every now and again to wash (can't take it off the wooden frame so I handwash). :)


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