18 March 2009


Today, baby? baby hurry up 006
Little clay pregnant woman (baby in utero provided by Morgan)... baby hurry up 003
Tiny new precious baby gifts from some wonderful mamas... (Thankyou so much Joxy and Alison for these fabulously sweet little baby things!) baby hurry up 004
baby hurry up 005
When are you going to come and meet us, baby? I keep promising not to get impatient with you, but my arms are just longing to hold you now. It has felt like the *longest* couple of months...

And here is a little clay collaboration made by a certain two little girlies - another woman statue (mostly made by Jenna) and another little baby (contributed by Morgan again) - this lady is breastfeeding her newborn. Usually when I give them clay, all they want to make are lots of little animals and insects, but today it has been ALL about baby! baby hurry up 007


  1. Oh gosh, those mamas by the girls are beautiful, I feel all tearful :)

    Soon, hon, baby will come soon :)

    You look wonderful in that cloak too :)

  2. Ohhh I sense the wonderful anticipation and longing... I do hope it is soon, or rather just the right time - for you all :) What a magic time, it is such a heart felt, emotional time, really a point in family life that is a peak - of just everything, amazing highs and lows, both. love to you all,


  3. its so exciting, hope baby will come soon , that wonderful time when you can enjoy your baby moon makes me feel like doing it all again xx

  4. Lovely photos :) Such a magical time for you all, I can't wait to log in and read your exciting birth news!

    Love Gina xx

  5. Ooooo so exciting - I'm checking on here every day for baby news - making me all broody...

  6. The clay figures are lovely. I 'm glad the cardigan arrived safely - we've had problems with the post office recently so it was a case of 'fingers crossed' lol. Hope there's enough colour in it too.

  7. gorgeous pics :)
    Sending peaceful birth vibes your way.

    sue xx


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