7 March 2009

More finished crafts!

Yup, we're almost all the way through the list now. The ring sling, I just can't find any fabric I like for it. And the blue dress I put away for winter because it's just too dark for this time of year (I made her this pink one instead).

If only I could do something other than craft. My patience for anything else is almost nil. I don't even have the energy to blog about how poorly I'm managing things actually (and I feel whiney and self-obsessed when too many of those posts happen in one go)... I can sit and sew. Or I can feel ill and yucky and impatient and guilty.

My cooking is about up to throwing things in the breadmaker, or chopping some vegetables for soup. We're eating a lot of pasta too lol. I think Martin had better get used to this! And I really need to show him how to make bread some time soon...

We're going to get through the next few weeks though. One way or another.


  1. I love seeing all your finished crafts. We've just got a new pan for our breadmaker so it's back on now but I really must remember to get the sticky toffee pudding recipe for it from my friend - it tastes gorgeous :)

  2. Mmm sticky toffee pudding! We are planning to make hot cross buns tomorrow. :)

    The girls ate an ENTIRE seeded loaf this morning for breakfast, for some reason they are ravenous at the moment. Toast with marmite, toast with jam, toast with butter, toast with cheese... Toasted *fresh* bread is just somehow so much more appealing though!

  3. It's not just mine that are bottomless pits at the moment then (or have 'hollow legs' as my Nana used to say)! E seems to be always asking for something to eat at the moment, no matter how much I give him.

  4. Must be something in the air!


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