11 March 2009

So she does love me really, huh?

"Mummy, quick, get out of the bath! The plug hole is going to suck you down! I'd be REALLY SAD if you got sucked down the plug hole. So you mustn't. And Daddy. I'd be sad if Daddy got sucked down the plug hole too. Me and Morgan would have to do everything by ourselves! You must tell Daddy, I have to remind you about these things because you're both so forgetfull. And I don't want you to have an accident."

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  1. Aw, sweet :) Toby just learned to sign I love you and signed it at me for the first time yesterday, after a week of signing 'love' then shouting "Grandma!"

    Plus, an unschooling opperunity about size, shape, etc?


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