25 March 2009

Finding joy...

... all over the place today.

Happy, lovely, creative, playtime mess. Tidied up voluntarily, which officially makes it Good Mess.
joys 007

Sibling love and affection, as Morgan "reads" to Jenna. Jenna giggles all the way through and keeps saying, "oh she's so FUNNY!"
joys 004

Pots of herbs growing in my kitchen in the sunshine.
joys 001

The heady smell of hyacinths from my mantlepiece.
joys 002

Fresh-baked Challah, warm with butter and jam for lunch.
joys 005

And one bump, demonstrated by Jenna to be absolutely officially gigantic.
joys 006

The thought keeps occuring to me that a huge part of the work of pregnancy is making space for this little person. Physically, and emotionally. Making room for a real live baby with its own needs and desires and spirit. And if that's the case, then part of the work I have yet to do is to simply wait for the baby's readiness. I can't deny the baby the freedom to come when it's good and ready, I have no right to dictate the time.
joys 003
Because the baby is a real human being; and if I have to make more space in my heart for meeting needs where and when they are at rather than only when it's to my liking, then that's the work I'll set my mind to in this waiting period. With less than good grace at times, admittedly, but...

I'm making space for you, baby. There is room for you here and you will be loved and accepted no matter how inconvenient your timing.


  1. Hun you're glowing! And Jenna is a funny one :D Love Megan XxX

  2. Wow, yeah you are, you look fantastic hon - I know, you're sooo ready to have this baby now; but wow again.

    sorry I haven't sent off the "baby" to you yet, I was planning to make a little sleeping bag for it and then I've been ill and feeling very sorry for myself.

    I'll get it sent to you this weekend hon.


  3. Aw thanks. :)

    And don't worry about it hun, I hope you're feeling better! (hugs)


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