4 March 2009

View from the sofa

Well baby seems to be intent on just keeping me on my toes anyway, because still nothing much happening for most of the day and then an afternoon of "am I in labour THIS time?" and back to nothing much. ;)

But yesterday (thanks to shifting furniture for the gas safety man, who had to do extra checks this year) I spent the entire day pretty much lying propped up with pillows feeling very sorry for myself. Yes, I know, I should have asked him to come back another day and NOT done my back in... The benefits of hindsight, eh?

Slightly better today. As in, I can walk again. I'm currently making use of another Martin Day Off Work to sit here and dictate the tidying up efforts. :)

The promised pictures of sibling "love and affection" when Mummy can't step in and stop the rough play... ;)

Eventually it proved enough for a certain tiny grubby toddler to fall asleep in Daddy's arms a good half-hour before she normally would!


  1. What are you like!!! pmsl.

    I think we need to get martin to tie you to the sofa!

    I don't know, pregnant women! hehehehe.

  2. I know I know lol. I felt a bit cornered tbh as the new checks were unannouced, and it seemed to be either move the drum kit, cot pieces, and boxes myself or wait another few weeks for the inspection... We get a new boiler out of it, finally something will work around here, but... *sigh*

  3. And if you'd waited the couple of weeks for the inspection then you might have to move everything whilst holding your baby???? bit of a rock and hard place choice


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