10 March 2009

Random small gifts for small girls

This rag bowl was *insisted* upon by Jenna, who saw a little pile of very very thin trimmings left over from my recent makes.
"I'm going to make something out of these!" She says. A minute later she has done a small plait, and is starting on another.

"We could make a bowl out of these - or a little rug." I muse, out loud. Of course then she wants to see how that could possibly work, so I sit and plait some longer pieces while she does some more tiny ones, and then I sew them all together with her literally hanging off my arm asking how long it will take.

And these were *supposed* to be for when the baby arrives. They saw them, and claimed them. What can I say? Sometimes I'm a pushover. Especially when a four year old sees something I worked really hard at and exclaims, "oh mummy, wow, that is SO BEAUTIFUL!! Can I just try it on PLEASE?!!"

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