20 March 2009

Simple pleasures on quiet days

One big-little girl happily singing herself a song as she makes a world for fairies and starts telling another endlessly intricate story about their lives. Seeing them learn, concentrate fully in the present moment, carry on whole little lives and grow in ways I never could have prepared for. Trusting that the person she is becoming is not, and should not be, something I control.
simple days 005

simple days 002

One sturdy toddler, strong little legs showing bare and beautiful skin under her big sister's t-shirt. She insists on "buboos" (bobbles) and then cries if I try to give her matching ones. She laughs so much at Jenna blowing a raspberry at her that we all end up totally in tears.
simple days 001

Making presents for Mother's Day; a felt lady for my mum, and a project bag and knitting needle roll for my mother-in-law. Will I have a third baby myself by Sunday? What a blessing to carry with me so much love from how I was mothered, and to have that relationship with such a wonderful woman now.
simple days 004

walk and craft 009

Watching those precious faces as they sleep, in total trusting abandonment, curling up wherever they feel like it for a much-needed nap.
simple days 003

Listening to the stillness and feeling the empty weight of my own arms, full for so much of the last five years and soon to be busy to overflowing again.


  1. And people wonder why some of us do it again and again.

  2. I love that blissfully asleep look - can't stop sneaking in and looking at mine as they sleep for that reason


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