25 March 2009

I had no idea she knew that one...

Morgan just picked up a book she has been reading with us a lot lately. "I'm Not Cute", it's called, about a baby owl. She loves it (anyone who knows this book might well understand why, this baby owl is SO Morgan).

She sat there "reading" it to herself and I started recognising words. This happens a lot at the moment. It will sound like babbling, and then suddenly it clicks into focus and I can understand her! Almost every word! It's been a long time in coming...

She was saying, "Ox... NOT COOT!!" (Ox, I translated as Fox... I must have been right because a moment later...) "Ribbit... NOT COOT!!" (Ribbit being her word for both frogs and rabbits, and I know there is a rabbit in the story...)

Then she paused, did a funny little gesture, and said, "NOT COOT!" again. It was only when she turned back to the start of the book and went through the whole thing again that I caught what she was doing. Somehow, from somewhere, she has picked up the SIGN for "squirrel".

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