12 March 2009

No maternity cover...

Right, I'm now a couple of days off being "allowed" to have this baby. I had another small show today. I am flipping SICK of contractions that stop after a couple of hours maximum. I am so READY for this baby. I can hardly concentrate on anything else in fact. I keep randomly bursting into tears. When I'm not being madly emotional, I am either making baby things or talking about the birth or being snappy with people or similar.

Just *one thing* is making me want this baby to stay put. I've been volunteering for two years now, the whole of that time a family support worker for the same family. This woman has turned her life around with me cheering her on, but she is still very fragile. And there is still no cover for me.

If I was paid, I should have signed off already, when I said I would, at 33 weeks when I went into hospital. I was not at all keen on keeping doing home visits with threatened labour on the cards. I don't think I'm even fit to do my job properly right now - after all, half the time I'm distracted thinking about the baby and some of the rest of the time I'm having contractions! What kind of support worker has to sit down in a shop while her poor mental health patient flaps over her?!

But I'm not paid. And I can't just walk away. And I know that the only person worrying about this, apart from the family I'm supporting, is me.


  1. As far as I'm aware honey - it doesn't matter whether you're paid or not - there should still be policies in place and legally you HAVE to take at leasts 2 weeks after the birth of your child and actually the service you work for has a care of duty to YOU and the family that supports you and they are putting themselves in a very sticky position by allowing you to continue working with vulnerable people when healthwise you're not really up to it (i.e. could go into labour). It would also be an awful breach of professional conduct if your client had to look after you should you go into labour while with her - not yoru fault - but your employers - they open themselves up to being sued by both her and yourself - especially (and it won't,b ut if it did) something happened to you or the baby.

    The service you work for should have occupational health surely - even as avolunteer you should have been assessed once you became pregnant.

    I would enquire dear because while I appreciate your concern about yoru family - if you were to go into labour in yoru client's company - and heaven forbid it - something did happen - imagine the mental impact that would have for the client.


  2. Sending you lots of lovley labour vibes :-)))))))

    Is it Homestart you volunteer for? If so, so do I...


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