24 March 2009

More spring crafts

So, some of the things we did the other day all finished, and some daffodils made yesterday. *grins*

craft and building 006

craft and building 003

craft and building 004

I'm impatient with bump, therefore finding it very hard to stay patient with noisy, lively, needy, distructive, (normal, happy, lively, funny, brilliant) children. If I could just shut myself away for a while, take a Mummy Timeout until I feel less on EDGE... Anyway, can't do that, so need to find a way to reconnect with them without too much noise or any of the other things that make me want to shout til I lose my voice... More art is needed around here.

craft and building 007

I'm thinking I might need to wash our messy mats now though. Otherwise I'm going to get yellow knees if I use them to birth on.


  1. i love the daffs! they turned out great and the sparkly tree is wonderful!

    oh and I also wanted to say "Hang in there!". remember at the end of pregnancy hormones shift to make you impatient and fed up to make labour seem like a welcome arrival!

  2. Sparkly trees are wonderful,I may steal that idea :)

  3. Instructions on the activity blog if you feel you need them. :) www.carried-crafty.blogspot.com Steal away!


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