24 March 2009

Moaning posts, in avoidance of

There are only so many times I can reasonably post the same pregnancy complaints without sounding a) whiney and b)ungrateful, so I'm trying really hard not to! Also I keep REALLY hoping that THIS will be the evening I can post to say that I'm in labour, so increasingly I'm not turning the computer on until evening and then I'm too tired to blog properly... I'm trying not to drive everyone crazy with the labour watch though, honestly.

I just had another midwife appointment - remember the one last week with the strange midwife who gave me all the reasons things could go wrong and insisted that merely being BOOKED for a homebirth makes me high risk and therefor I need extra monitoring? Well my own midwife is still off ill, but at least this week *this* midwife pulled a face and said, "So are we looking for reasons to refuse you the birth you want? Stupid. I'll book you in for two weeks or so."

Now that's more like it!

Everything on the bump front this week: fine. Baby measuring big still but not quite so big because, "if it gets any more engaged it will be out!" Lots of rolling around in there as things must be getting rather cramped. All ready for homebirth (in fact, even finally filled in the forms for maternity health payment and got them signed). So hopefully no more midwives until I phone triage to tell them I'm having the baby!

Last night Jenna asked me if I'm going to be more grumpy when the baby is born. I told her that mostly I'm grumpy because I'm tired and feel poorly, and once the baby is born I won't be so poorly but I might still be grumpy. And she said, "That's OK mummy, I can help you more when the baby is born, and you won't be sick any more."

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  1. You don't so sound whiney and ungrateful, we've all felt the same way at times so just feel free to let off steam! Especially if it helps you be less shouty with the bairns! I often go through to DH's office (he works from home) say 'aargh' to him and then go back through to the bairns feeling less like shouting at them


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