5 March 2009

Talking and breastfeeding

Morgan is currently a bit, um, preoccupied with milk. At least with talking about it. Once a day or more she starts telling me how much she loves mummy milk, loves my breasts, etc. It's funny and sweet and innocent and just a BIT embarrasing when she does it in public...

Yesterday she made one of those little verbal leaps they make. She has stopped utterly, overnight, saying "unk" or "ook" for milk. Now we have "moolk" and if I dare to use the baby words she glares at me and says it v-e-r-y c-l-e-a-r-l-y again in that adults-are-stupid tone.

She sat for ages at bedtime last night just LOOKING and saying, "Moolk, NICE. Iss side bwest... Iss side niice bwest... Moolk NIICE. Mmmm, love oo bwest. Love oo, iss side! Nice moolk." She keeps up this kind of running commentary about everything at the moment, but she really does seem to have quite a relationship with my breasts and see them as almost separate entities.

OK, what I really wanted to say. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE that this is icky and wierd? She's TWO. She's fabulous. She's experimenting with language and she talks none stop about things she likes. She likes milk. She likes my breasts. Jenna was obsessed, for a while, with my ears. Is that wierd too?

And as for "they're too old when they can ask for it". ;) My father in law came out with a variation on this the other day (though it wasn't that confrontational lol, I don't think he's that brave). But when has Morgan NOT been able to ask for it? She has been asking since she was a couple of minutes old, in one way or another. :)

And if we're only talking "proper" language, then she's been signing it since before she was six months. And Jenna was talking to this degree of comprehension at ten months - wouldn't it seem a bit like a punishment for her reaching that developmental milestone if I say, "oh well, you can talk properly now, therefore you can't be fed or comforted like that because society deems it sexual."

At ten months old, Morgan was pretty much living off *only* breastmilk, since she ate maybe two mouthfulls of solids per meal. Though she wasn't talking, so I guess she would have been spared the enforced weaning a little longer according to the rest of this crazy world...

Yeah, yeah, preaching to the choir...
On another typical Morgan note... She was walking around with the magnifying glass yesterday, peering at things and shouting with great glee - "there y'are!" - "There y'are juice! There y'are chair! There y'are baby! There y'are at [cat]!"

Yup, she marched right up to me, peered at my cleavage from a distance of roughly zilch, and declared, "THERE y'are bwests!"


  1. Thank you hun, you just made me smile after a miserable start to the morning (or rather, thank you Morgan!) isn't she great? :) xxx

  2. *giggling** Oh excellent - after sitting for 2 hours ina very cold train station waiting for a train (cancelled due to severe weather... severe it was blazing sunshine and not a hint of ice anywhere!!!!) this has brought a smile to my face and I've been very snarly this morning.

    I left the house at 7am, and arrived at work just after midday.

    I just so wish Jenna had caught morgan with the magnifiying glass that would have been hilarious.

  3. Martin heard what she was saying, snorted with laughter and said, "no kidding baby!"

  4. Lovely post Sarah.
    Yep, breasts are truly fab.

  5. Are you raising a Southern Belle? Or perhaps a pirate? Love the "y'are"!

    Broken Man's Wife

  6. i have been wanting to tell you for AGES how much I love this post. It is fantastic and so true about toddlers nursing!


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