28 March 2009

3am today...

...and my brain would NOT go to sleep, no matter how tired the rest of me was. And nothing would do but to get up and move the living room around and do some Serious Cleaning. This had better be nesting!

3am tidy 001

New crafting table for the girls, and tidied sofa area... And look at the toys! It isn't going to stay like this. But I swear, there is NOTHING under my sofa or chairs (that shouldn't be there anyway). I scared the spiders again. Now I just need a baby, before the Crazy House-cleaning Mama comes back again in the early hours and I lose yet more much-needed sleep...

3am tidy 002


  1. That looks fantastic, I did so much nesting before Willow's birth, it's a lovely feeling :)

    And, thank you so much for the wonderful parcel that arrived this morning! The dress for Mia is gorgeous and she is definitely wearing it, I bought her pale pink trousers from the charity shop and she is going to wear them together. Thank you so much, I am so touched and grateful xxx I have bought an outfit for me (last minute rush yesterday lol) but didn't get anything to change into for the evening bit, so the top is perfect, thank you so much again..

    After all your nesting, I am wondering if we will arrive back tomorrow to some excitng news from you!

    Lots of love & light & gentle birthing vibes
    Gina xxx

  2. I love how bright and colourful your 'toy area' looks :) happiness in a corner!


  3. Oh I'm so glad you like them. :) I've had that envelope for ages so when I was tidying and came across those I just knew I had to pop them in for you! xx

  4. Sounds like pre birth nesting to me!!! I had pizza, jam tarts and a cake on the go when my waters broke suddenly! 4th birth but first time for it starting in such a way...sent me into a panic!! Briefly.
    Good luck...we hope to hearnews of a safe arrival very shortly xx

  5. LOL I did have concerned visions of my waters breaking when I was still up to my elbows in every single thing we own... Next time I resolve to do a bit at a time and NOT pull everything out and then not know where to start... ;)

  6. OMG I was up from 3am til 5.30am this morning too! Maybe there was something in the air - this never happens to me. Didn't do anything even halfway useful though.... not like old superwoman here :-)


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