27 March 2009


...another little something special for baby. Huge huge thanks to Liz of Dark Star Baby for making these custom shorts (and TINY gorgeous booties)!

jenna babywearing 001

And a sling for my Jenna, repurposed from my first ever home-made mei tai (whose straps were too narrow for me but are just fine for a four year old!).

jenna babywearing 003

Today we urgently had to get some things in the post, do some shopping (no washing soap left in the house) and use a book voucher that was about to go out of date. I was partly sneakily hoping that planning Important Things to Do would encourage baby to disrupt our plans, but no such luck. We're home. And we found some very cool little Easter presents for the girls.

easter gifts

Of course Jenna went through the bags and found them as soon as we got home, so no surprises, but ah well...


  1. oooh i love rosies walk , takes me back x where did you get the lovely little basket from ?

  2. Love the shorts and booties :) Thinking of you at this really exciting time. Can't wait to hear the exciting news, when baby decides the time is right!

    Love Gina xxx

  3. Oh, I love Rosie's Walk, a great story and illustrations.

  4. A friend just opened a fairtrade shop in town, so if you're near Derby..! The girls *love* baskets (and bags, and anything else that can be toted round with things inside)!

    The juggling balls and knitted rabbit were from the same shop - and the fairtrade cocoa butter and organic apricot kernal oil I had the other week. :)


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