27 August 2009

Baby + toy =

a good giggle for mummy....

This is Rowan feeling playful.This is Rowan's favorite rattley thing. My mum bought it in Prague, and it's very rattle, graspy, and chewy. Just what a baby wants in a handy play thing.

Mmm just right for sucking on this... bit... here... Oops, let go just then. How to get a hand back on it without smacking myself in the face? Now where has it gone to?Just flip myself over to see, and ah, these flappy hand things bat it away. Just typical, it rolls. If only I could crawl...


  1. oh bless her , i miss that stage xx

  2. Oh my goodness, look at her :) Awww, she is gorgeous and wow, where does the time go. Does look like she might master the shuffling/crawling soon. ONly seems two minutes ago that you had her!

  3. Doesn't it!

    She really is close to getting it, and she's barely four months old - she pulls her knees up underneath and rocks before pushing off so hard her arms collapse and she lands on her face!

    So frustrating for a bean. No wonder she's often stressy and tired in the evening, so much that if we've had a busy day out even the slightest noise is too much. It must be exhausting!

  4. Awww so gorgeous x and i cant believe shes trying to crawl already !
    what a little cutie x

    lucy xx

  5. I love her sweater :) And she seems to have so much fun with such a simple toy, how nice.

  6. She's beautiful Sarah, she looks so happy too

  7. I want to hug that sweet baby... eep! Baby fever.... *dunking for cover*

    She is so beautiful!


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