20 August 2009

Eye of the storm

We had two little girls making up over the fence earlier. And a slightly embarrased mother explaining a lack of sleep and too much pre-schooler in mitigation. We've been there, and just beginning to feel that it won't happen again is enough for Mama Bear to go on back to her cave... Jenna seems to have recovered on one level - in that she will go outside again if I'm with her, and isn't shy of the little girl next door today. On another level she is still hurt, lashing out any time she feels criticised and crying over little things.

She has her a fairy garden party planned on Saturday (no rain, please, my house is too small!) so we've been doing small jobs to get everything ready. Sweeping and mowing, a bit of tidy-up-and-a-new-plant-type gardening, making decorations... I made a big floral picnic blanket out of scraps, which Jenna is so delighted with she could hardly speak. Morgan fell asleep this afternoon in a big heap of fabric squares, my little baby hamster with a blissful smile on her face.

I'm really looking forwards to the weekend. It will be manic I'm sure, at least on Saturday with people popping in and out. But her actual birthday will be pretty special and very laid back. I'm at least as excited as she is!


  1. You are truly amazing - I can't imagine having time to sew, and I only have one!

    Broken Man's Wife

  2. I would just love a fairy garden party and a floral picnic blanket; do you think the boys would approve?! LOL! Hope you all, and especially the fairy princess, have a lovely day tomorrow.

  3. I'm glad Jenna is feeling a bit better. I hope she has a lovely birthday, a fairy garden party sounds wonderful.

  4. The blanket sounds wonderful...hope you have a lovely sunny weekend & a lovely birthday is had! xx

  5. aww, glad Jenna is feeling a bit brighter now.

    Thank you so much for our wonderful parcel! So many fantastic goodies (the raw chocolate lasted a bout 30 seconds) it really made my day. I LOVE the lotus bowl, it is sitting on the mantlepiece. The littlies will love their birthday gifts too.

    Very much love
    Gina xxx

  6. Hope Jenna has a wonderful birthday party and birthday day too, a little parcel will be in the post next week..


  7. I'm glad you are both getting over it - at least it's a very good start anyway. You must be quite relieved that things are calming down, and I'm sure Jenna will feel much better after that fantastic party. Any spare spaces if I promise not to bring my pet rain cloud? ;D

  8. Bless you all it's so good to share the fun, wish you could all pop in and enjoy the sunshine (!) with us tomorrow.

    Gina: it was such a pleasure to pack, it seemed to grow so rapidly with all the little finds that made me think of you. :)

  9. Hope you have a fabulous day today! It's sunny here so I hope with you too...

  10. Hope the party went well. :-D
    Happy Birthday Jenna!


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