22 August 2009

Fairy Garden Party

People started arriving at 2pm and a few stayed until late and shared a paper packet of chips with us for supper. Over six hours of party time, eight children under 6 years old, about as many parents, and a totally relaxed day!

The night before I had a bad fall and thought I might have broken my toe, sprained my ankle and was limping for a while, but thankfully it was all OK and the distraction of having guests helped lol. My toe is still a bit blue, serves me right for trying to rush around and do things in a damp garden with non-grippy shoes.

It was so worth it!I was so glad I decided to make these rolls, because the bread I *bought* went off overnight!Maybe more pictures some time soon when I have permission from all the parents. :)


  1. Happy Birthday Jenna, it looks like the fairy party was a huge success :-) And what a wonderful cake.

  2. A beautiful cake. And looks like you all enjoyed yourselves.

  3. That cake is beautiful! Happy birthday, Jenna :)

  4. happy birthday Jenna , what a lovely fairy day xx

  5. What an excellent way to celebrate a birthday!


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