11 August 2009

Through their eyes

Do you ever wish you could see things as your children do? I do, all the time. They have such beautiful and unique perspectives. They come out with some mad statements. And sometimes negotiating with them requires mind-reading skills I'm just not up to.

A few days ago I was busying myself with jobs upstairs first thing in the morning. When I came down to see what they had been up to without me I found them photographing their world. So I am delighted to share my living room, through the eyes of two little monkeys with a camera. Considered removing some of these due to the embarrasment of my messy house, but decided to let you see us as we are instead...


  1. How amazing to be able to see what they see, and spend a moment in their lives. Thanks for sharing, Love september x

  2. I love kiddie photos, it makes you realise the important things to them, and just how much bigger things must seem to them!

  3. What beautiful photos and what a lovely surprise to come down to.

  4. Lovely! It's amazing just what children find fascinating, isn't it. Oh, and I don't call your house messy - you should see ours!

  5. Hehe, a new trick of my husband's is to demand that we play Qwirkle on the floor instead of at the table, so we get a lot of that sort of perspective in the evenings!
    He only does it so that he can swipe the pieces away when he loses without losing any lol! Being short is great!!!


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