5 August 2009

Star weaving tutorial

Just a quick one, for those who asked!

Three lolly sticks, anchored together by winding wool between opposite gaps.Take the wool behind the stick to the left, up and over, and round to go under the NEXT stick to the left.Keep going, shuffling the lines of wool to lie flat along the sticks.

To change colours, make sure you have equal numbers of lines on each stick and then cut the wool, and tie on your next wool. If you use several colours the tie-offs should all be at the same point. Tuck the last loose bit of wool in when you get close to the ends of the sticks - or tie it to the last colour you used, if it's close enough.Turn over to see your pattern!


  1. lovely x will have to give this a go x

  2. Hey, we make those too, we use wood skewers (the sharp ends cut off).

    Using two sticks crossed makes what we call the "eye of god", great for midsummer celebrations.

    I had thought that lollipop sticks might work well too (especially as skewers can bend or snap sometimes mid way through wrapping), great to see my assumption is correct lol. Beautiful stars there!

  3. We're doing this right now and I'm utterly confused but we're experimenting.

  4. We've been doing some of these recently, using smoothed off twigs and scraps of wll (I have plenty of both!)

  5. Funny how certain times of year seem to bring out certain projects - I always feel most drawn to watercolours, pattern making and sun shapes in summer. :)


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