12 August 2009

Just stuff

Jenna stayed with my mum last night, so it was just me and the two tinies today. Morgan is such a lively, funny, crazy toddler at the moment and we've had a lot of fun. Mostly we just hung out at home - she refused to step foot in the garden today, too many slugs she says. But we did this and that, sorting, building, stacking, running our fingers through the button box, rolling things at other things. Toddler fun stuff.

When Jenna isn't here, Morgan hardly plays with toys. She prefers to use *things*, bits from the garden, kitchen and treasure box mostly. A stick, some boxes, bits of junk. They tend towards role play when they are together, but without that group dynamic Morgan goes for mostly just exploring dimensions and movement. It's funny to watch her without her big sister leading the game!

After procrastination-as-extreme-sport behaviour on my part we also sorted the biggest mound of clean washing I have ever seen. How we still have clean clothes in our wardrobes is a mystery to me. Morgan seems to have the most clothes of anyone, which is embarrasing because I thought she was low on, for example, trousers that actually fit. She isn't. It was all in the clean washing pile.

They both slept for half an hour this afternoon too, so I got started on another Christmas present project - abandoned, just now, to get us ready for an evening swim before tea. Another ordinary/extraodinary day. :)

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