13 August 2009

Is it wrong to be so excited about Christmas already?

Yes, I know, I know. But I LOVE giving gifts, and I love making gifts. And I love Christmas (I'm such a kid, and planning festivals and treats and making decorations, come on, it's just perfect). So making gifts for Christmas, anticipating giving them, thinking up just the right thing for that child? It sort of spreads the magic. *grins*

When Morgan and Rowan napped yesterday afternoon I got started on something for Rowan.A Waldorf doll, but something different. Something different, Waldorf style. Shaped, tough, nice to hold. I rummaged in the fabric cupboard (what, doesn't everyone in a small house have one of these?) and found the most ugly tracksuit you have ever seen. It had... potential.

My mother in law had known that a more distant relation was THROWING it OUT! And she said, "oh no, don't do that, Sarah will use it for something!" And she was so right. Throw away an ugly oversized pink tracksuit? Never.

When it could become... this?His stiching and body shape are so close to perfect, just his legs are skinny and his head didn't dent as much as I wanted, I didn't have enough fabric for the "skin" without cutting into another part of the tracksuit.

Anyway, asides from getting a bit carried away making a pink rabbit for Rowan (his name is Twinkle, by the way, and he has a heart shaped tail!) I went shopping on Etsy. To be fair, I didn't really go shopping as such, just browsing Mamakopp's beautiful wooden toys *again*. And then I realised that because I've been selling off enough of my books that the ones I keep have space on the shelf, I have a healthy paypal balance.

And so I ordered this and this. They will possibly be gifts from the grandparents who often ask what to buy. But now I'm really in a festival mood. I can't wait to give these things, handmade and precious, natural and joyful. And I'm really excited about whatever crafting I'm going to find to do next, because there are lots more children to make gifts for...


  1. clever mama, Twinkle is indeed very gorgeous and your etsy buys are just fab :)
    I have to admit I havent even given a thought to christmas until now lol

  2. In answer to your question; Definately not :) I was exciting in July and too scared to tell anyone. i have caught the knitting bug again, and have 3 sets of needles on the go, one with a knitted carrot, one with a gnome, and the other a scarf in a horrible fluffy yarn which is horrible to knit with but makes GORGEOUS scarves :)

    Those toys are gorgeous - I really must get over my fear of paypal. The moomin would have been perfect for my sister, and the grasshopper would have really suited toby. Naughty sarah; showing me things I cant have :p

    Twinkle is gorgeous, and such a clever use of a rubbish tracksuit :)

  3. I love Twinkle.
    I do like to plan for christmas but I am struggling on what to get mine this year, they are a little older than yours and it gets harder to find something that is not junk.
    S x

  4. Gorgeous bunny! I'd never have thought it was an old tracksuit haha.

    And yeah, I'm excited. I'm trialling various homemade presents-to-be already. =]

  5. Oh Sarah, I must confess my initial reaction to you rpost title was Yeeeeeessss!!!!! But then I realised that I used to feel the same way. I used to love planning what to get people or make for them. I fear it is my own mental state that screams yes, not what is in my heart.
    And if this isn't a major coincidence what is...my 8 yr old son has just put on Christmas pan pipe music. I love it. There is something lovely about christmas music isn't there.
    Although present giving gets so hard for older children, I have a few handmade projects of my own to get on with!
    Merry Christmas thoughts!

  6. Lovely bunny :) And I LOVE the toys you got from etsy. I just love that site, I could spend hours browsing!

  7. Sarah you are so sweet! I am a lucky lady to have a fan like you. Thanks so much for posting this. Makes me feel so famous :)

  8. You *should* be so famous! *grins*


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