5 August 2009

Feeling belligerent...

If anyone is asked to stop feeding their baby in public, it really probably won't be me. A few times lately, someone has looked like they are about to say something and then walked off very quickly looking worried. I must be sending out very strong don't-mess-with-mama waves.

The truth of it is, I'm concious when I nurse in public that much of the current mood is pretty anti breastfeeding mothers. There is an image of these pushy wierdos who WANT to nurse in public as much as possible, who enjoy the attention and want to be in everyone's faces... Unfortunately my natural response to having that idea overlaid onto my motives is that my motives change. I now sit there thinking, "Go on, challenge me, I DARE you..."

Not that I nurse the baby more often than I would usually. Or seek out somewhere MORE visible to do it. But the moment I unselfconciously go to feed her, awareness strikes. It wasn't always like this. Now, however, I am itching for a fight. Go on, challenge me. Let's test out this crappy legal protection, let's see how it works out with someone who will fight.

Sadly, it won't be me. It will be some terrified first time mum who has never dared nurse in public before. It will be someone who will be quietly mortified and believe that they are at fault for feeding that hungry baby...


  1. There was a nurse-in at a local airport when Ingrid was a baby because some mom had been harassed there. I SO wanted to go and support everyone, even though I used bottles...I can just imagine the vibes you're sending out, LOL!

  2. The summer breastfeeding picnics going on at the moment in the UK welcome all mums. The legislation ought to protect all babies from harrasment, however they are being fed. :)

  3. I only ever got disapproving glances once (that I am aware of). I was in a department store cafe and he was a middle-aged man, Muslim, I think. His wife was wearing the hijab. It's naughty but I have to say I purposely flashed more exposed boob after I had caught his stare.

  4. Ha! I know what you mean about sending out a "challenge my breastfeeding in public" vibe. I am the same way. And ... I'll get a look but then they quickly walk away without saying anything.

  5. I think people think i'm quite brazen about nursing Logan in public too - & when Lyra was about 9 months old I actually confronted someone who lit up a cigarette next to me while I was nursing her (right next to a no-smoking sign too!) while Lyra was still attached. If you're confident they seem afraid of you don't they, but those who are nervous don't give off the same vibe. If someone confronted me I'd be tempted to squirt them with milk just to put them off doign it again! LOL!

  6. I think you're right, it's the confident mums people don't bother with, and the shy unsure ones they say something to, like they know they'll have an effect.

    I was asked not to once when Kory was about a year old. But I knew my rights, and being in Scotland it was a bit ahead of the game too.

    On another note, I wondered if you could pop on to AP on IV? There is a post asking about EC and I don't think anyone currently does it. I hoped you might be able to answer the questions?


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