15 August 2009

For want of a post title...

I mean, the last couple of days don't categorise easily! We've spent quite a bit of time packing and moving boxes for my Dad, and helping friends move house. Mostly with Rowan in a sling, though she is also having some fun rolling around on the floor and being squished by the other children...The girls have been reading a lot - Morgan is more and more interested in sitting with books, it has taken a while though for such an active little body to be able to wind down like that. I am deliberately not paying undue attention to what Jenna is and isn't choosing to decode unless she asks me for help, because there is part of me that would make way too much fuss and discourage her with my ideas of what she ought to be able to do.

I've been reading too, as yesterday this came from GP LETS.Which made me cry more than once and led to some more breadmaking, because I was too distressed at the information about what goes in to a bought loaf to think straight or read any more until I'd reassured myself that the world doesn't have to be this way. It's a task I am ejoying far more than I ever thought I would, but making those particular loaves was especially soothing!We also have some new games to try out, a gift from a friend who is moving house and slimming down their own collection. Thankyou so much, Jenna ADORES the magnetic ball and has been making the most odd-looking sculptures with it.And today we spent most of the afternoon, once Martin got off work, with Jeni and Sophia - and the girls had such a wonderful time that Jenna tried to hide in the shed so she wouldn't have to come home. Plus, we had pizza (thanks Jeni)!

We've done more that I can't think to write about too. But it has been a busy end to the week and I'm really glad Martin isn't working tomorrow so we can catch up a bit and relax!


  1. Busy busy week :) Have fun baking bread, I was supposed to do that today but forgot to as I have loads and loads of laundry to do after our vacation...

  2. I've left an award for your blog at mine ;) Don't feel that you have to pass it on though, just wanted you to know how much i love your blog!

    Gina xx

  3. Hehe, I told you the ball of whacks was really for children, not for all these professionals to whom it's marketed! I'm glad to hear that it has gone to a good home!
    You're all very welcome!


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