25 August 2009

All the small things

Just another short post of appreciation for the small things in my day.

A little corner of my mantlepiece, reminding me of birthdays and celebrations, summer and friendships.New soap! Ah the things that make me happy...A certain small person sitting herself up from a lying down position, with a big grin on her little face! And wearing my favorite hat too, what a funny pixie she is.The inspiration wire in the living room brimming over with art and ideas and love.
Lael's rose in the garden begins to flower again, always late in the season. Our due date was October, and there was still a rose left blooming there last year. I am so grateful for the love and loss and experience and peace that tiny person brought along, even though I wish it hadn't been such a short visit.A big heap of toys on the living room floor, abandoned as they race off with new intent to dig a hole in the garden or make a sand castle or read a story.A sleeping baby caterpillar. How can I not scoop up this delicious little bundle and hug her tight while she naps?And lastly, I found out that my toys (note, MY toys LOL) are on their way from Lorilee at Mamakopp! Still happily directing traffic her way, go on, you know you want some handmade toy art in your house... ;)


  1. awwww... you called them art toys! You are so sweet!!!!

    OK that baby picture has got me all sentimental for the little days of my boys.... SUCH A CUTIE!!!!


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