6 August 2009

This week...

The girls have been to the zoo, and swimming twice. My tiny stayed in the water for an hour again. We have been to a play area and, well, mostly played in the mud.I even had a little bit of time alone with Morgan. :)Rowan has been, well, herself. Nursing and sweet chattering (she has babbled ALL the time since she was born!) oh and she sat unaided for the first time. This was not that time. ;)I have had new books!And spent a quiet afternoon with only the sleepy Rowan.And on tuesday evening we went to the folk and acoustic club I used to sing at, and I did a set with a baby in a sling. Jenna came up to do a song with me too, her brave clear sweet four year old voice ringing out as she proudly sat at a microphone. I secretly hadn't thought she'd go through with it.

Every day they surprise and amaze me in so many small ways


  1. good week! Did you make the clothes Rowan is sleeping next to? That fabric is so cute! (So's the baby sleeping :))

  2. Yes, I made those. :) The trousers are an Ikea print - I thought about it REALLY HARD and still managed to get the pattern upside down! The pastel bird print was from fabricrehab.com - cute little pinafore dress. *grins*

  3. Lovely pictures again! I borrowed the Relax Kids book from a friend yesterday as we have a Relax Kids meditations Cd. I started it last night and really liked it. I think I will use it in the classroom too.
    Lou xx

  4. I love the trousers. I have a little of the same fabric left from sewing our bathroom blind and cant wait to get chance to get on the sewing machine and make a little dress for Heather with it. Lovely pics as always.

  5. Thanks :) I love that fabric, couldn't wait to sew baby things with it!


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