7 August 2009

In the kitchen

Today we've done some baking, played with the button box, done some sewing again, and generally been around the house. We've been out far more than we expected this week, so it's good to catch up around the house and take things a bit slower.

Yesterday was especially exciting because we saw my cousins and introduced them to Rowan - they broke off contact with us when I married Martin, and although things are better with my family now we still see mum's sisters very infrequently. It's hard to go back to normal... Forgiveness is easier when the other party realises that there was hurt... I don't really want to dwell on that though, it was so good to see them and be NORMAL with them. Though my uncle persists in telling me that the baby will be clingy if I hold her so much - and then a moment later tells me how contented and confident she is LOL.

To make up for the (tasty but less healthy) quiches we've made for tea (and apple pie for desert!) we had a big raw lunch. Jenna came in to see what I was up to, with Morgan on a chair chopping cucumber next to me. She saw the chopping board and said with delight, "OOOH yummy, a load of vegetables!" I can't believe she is actually eating this stuff, after so many picky phases and worrying whether she was eating enough full stop. Now I have a little fruit-and-veg addict. The key to dealing with the eating issues with Jenna was mostly just telling myself that the issue was ME and not saying anything.

Meanwhile my collection of nice teas seems to have been reproducing while I wasn't paying attention, because my cupboards are full of interesting fruit and herbal type boxes, which Martin pulls faces at. Must not buy more tea until I've used up these ones!


  1. Ohhh, what kind of knife to do you let Morgan use for cutting up the cucumber?

    I was just thinking she's about the same age as Rye, and I'd love to get him more involved with preparing our daily meals rather than it being more bakey type cooking we do.

  2. Morgan uses a sharp kitchen knife with me standing next to her - she's been doing it for a while though, so I know she will keep her fingers out of the way. To start with I'd give her mushrooms to chop with an eating-type knife, while Jenna did tougher things. I still won't let her do carrots, she's a bit vicious with really HARD veg... ;)

    She's very good at kneading bread, rolling pastry, spooning wet things, and stirring pans. She also likes to add pinches of spices and herbs - but other things I have to put into bowls for her to tip in or her hands get too close to the surface of the pot she is adding to. :)

  3. Tristan managed pretty well with an "eating knife" to cut cucumber :) we ended up with very small bits of cucumber but hey, it tasted the same ;)



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