3 August 2009

Still tired!

Weekend bright and lovely and wet and muddy and crazy busy. One day is not enough for a proper weekend, I must spend the last few hours of Sunday dreading Monday. Wish Martin was here with us.

Amazon sent books - mostly for Christmas presents, but also Hedgerow Medicine for me and Rudolf Meyer's Wisdom of Fairytales. This means I don't even have money to put on my phone, but oh well! I'll regret that at the end of the week, not now when the cupboards are full of good things to eat and my sofa arm has a nice big pile of good things to read...

Jenna has stayed with my mum overnight so Morgan and I have done some fun stuff just on our own. Rowan seems to have anticipated my mood and is just snuggly and sleepy in my arms where I can stay in touch with her without having my attention divided! Mostly lots of stories going on today, a bit of painting and some doll play.

And we're planning to go swimming again tomorrow. That's it really. Another ordinary but magical week behind us, and another ahead. If only I could welcome it with a bit more enthusiasm.

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  1. I know you prolly have other things to consider and so on but for me, being drop dead tired, improved markedly when I cut out carbs and ate more protein dense and fat rich foods. I had terribly low tired spots in my day prior to this. I think it helps to think of it like an internal fire you need to keep going (to stop both hunger and tiredness); add carbs and it's like adding twigs but protein and fat are like a good old log, you feel evenmood wise and not tired and don't even think about food for hours. When I was doing lots of carbs I was constantly tired (I now see) and now I have stopped I have lost so much weight too (just a bonus for me!) despite doubling my fat intake pretty much. Anyway, it worked for me and I just wanted to throw it out there in case it's something that is of interest to you :)

    Be well, and rest :)



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