26 August 2009

Home days

Quiet but busy, domestic in a nice way. Still feeling pretty tired and struggling to meet Jenna and Morgan's needs for a life with Rowan's need for minimal stimulation and lots of lying-down-nursing time. Sometimes it's so easy, and yet another time I can be at a total loss how to keep going. The only pattern I'm noticing is that dropping the nap this week out of laziness was a BIG mistake!

Dwelling on the highlights of our day yesterday. Brownie bread (like a cocoa-y brioche, edited to add the link for the original recipe)...I am going to have to play with this recipe, as the bread was not at all sweet so I think my usual trick of halving the sugar was a mistake (I use fructose which is sweeter anyway so usually cut down a lot). Also I think it perhaps needed some soaked raisins or something like that. It was still pretty good with butter though!

Beads...Playdoh in the garden (pink and sparkly, of course). Art time with crayons and paper. Lots and lots of creative role play (the birthday toys are getting a lot of great use; I keep coming in and finding Jenna singing away telling stories)! Here is Morgan being looked after by her "mummy Jyenna"! We are also enjoying reading and reading and reading.

And while I came to post this, I had to start typing as Jenna was talking to Rowan and making a fuss of her, and it was just too funny and sweet to miss.

Jenna: "Rowan, you are the smallest little warrior woman I have ever seen! You are just not ever scared of anything and you are SO STRONG.

You are getting bigger and bigger and your mummy is so pleased with you, you are her sidekick, yes you are, and she's so happy with you. Mummy loves her baby. Yes she does! Yes, Mummy loves her baby! And I do too!

Aren't you cute? You funny little warrior woman, you! You can be whatever you want to be, yes you can. Nothing is ever going to stop you."


  1. Jenna has reduced me to tears. That is wonderful, and just shows how much love they are all surrounded by.

    I know the difficulties of trying to meet everyones needs when they are opposing. But that little bit by Jenna shows you can't be going far wrong.

  2. How beautiful, out of the mouths of babes and all that. You have amazing children and so must be an amazing mama.

  3. Aww bless Jenna :) She really is a remarkable little girl :)

    The brownie bread sounds lovely too, are you able to share the receipe?

  4. This is where it came from: http://www.bread-maker.net/Bread-maker-recipes/Bread-maker-Brownie-Bread.htm but I would personally use about half again as much sugar as it was not sweet at all!

    I also missed out the nuts, as the girls don't like them, but next time will add raisins. :)

  5. Jenna is the sweetest child ever :)

  6. Thanks Sarah I've book marked the site :)

    And I'm thinking, that roughly chopped sticky prunes would be really nice in this bread too or chucks of real chocolate... or perhaps even brownie? LOL not even made it yet and already I'm thinking of ways to tweak ;)

    Ohhh peannut butter..

    Ok I@m going now, little man needs a bath.

  7. Sarah I wish I could have had a big sister like Jenna - you must be so proud of her XXX

  8. just wanted to say how much I love reading your blog, thank you sarah for sharing, its kind of like coming home when I'm here :)

  9. Oh Sue, thankyou, that has made me cry this morning!

    I am so proud of all of them, amazing little people. Jenna is such a gentle soul, even though we are having a lot of stroppy teenagery stuff right now lol. I love the person she is and is becoming. Strong and wild - and kind and thoughtful too.

  10. hee hee hee :D Those comments made to baby Rowan are TOO CUTE!


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