17 August 2009

Book Sharing Monday: Princess, Princess

Jenna chose for us today, earlier when I was taking pictures. "Is it book sharing day again? Yay! Can I have one of *my* favorite stories on your internet?"I find the morality a bit cloying, but not preachy really (it's just an emotional fault of mine that balks against all blatant moralising). The pictures though, are pretty divine - especially if you have a girl who is into fairies and floaty pink sugary type stuff. ;)The story is basically Sleeping Beauty, only with small children and toys and fairies as the main roles, and no actual baddy. I leave it to you whether or not this improves upon the tale, but I don't object in principle to various versions of fairy stories being part of our story diet.Jenna will read this book over and over until I get so bored of it I can't bear another retelling! It is very very loved.


Penny for your thoughts? :)