1 September 2009

End of week pictures

I find we go in cycles. Lots of "toy" play for weeks on end, and then more other-stuff days where we bake and read and maybe run around but hardly seem to touch the toy shelves. At the moment we are really in a toy phase.

This dress was Jenna's choice of present from my mum, they went off shopping together and had a fantastic time. As you can see, she was quite proud of her purchase. Girls having a lot of fun with wooden stilts in the living room. A very moody shot of Morgan looking so grown up! A game in progress. I'd love to know what was going but I don't like to eavesdrop *too* much. I did some sewing - this play cube for a baby about to celebrate her first birthday. So Jenna did some sewing too. Block play with tree blocks and the Kathe Kruse flower puzzle. Jenna is building a park here. On our way to swimming. Our favorite wall for walking on! I don't usually let them walk on walls that belong to private property (mean mummy) but this belongs to the Church on the corner, and I've taken their silence on the matter to be permission. ;)

And this bean started to creep! Oh the little bare bottom wiggling in the air when she tries to crawl with her feet flat on the floor! Oh the confused expression when she accdentally flips herself back over through over-enthusiastic kicking! Oh the look of baby delight when off she goes! And then she seems to forget and have to learn it all over again. I love it. :)


  1. that baby cube is such a good idea! It's really cute.

  2. Morgan did look really grown up in that picture...scary when an odd picture does that...I have one of carys where she looks about 15 (she is only 8)...just the angle or something....cube is lovely, will definately be making one for a friends baby...looks like you are keeping busy...:-)


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