30 September 2009

A tree planting

On Sunday we had a Harvest bring-and-share meal at Church. As you can see from the first picture, Rowan has started grabbing some food Baby Led Weaning style though she is really only gumming things.Then we spent some time with them planting Connor's placenta under the Cherry tree Ashleigh bought as a New Baby gift (just perfect!). I got some lovely pictures of them - I'll share without too much chat. I just love these people so much...All blessings and love, for a precious boy. And his wonderful Mama and bear of a Dadda too.


  1. Just beautiful. You shine with love!!!

  2. Emma is like my sister, and we've been close friends for more than a third of our lives. I'm so glad to share her parenting journey, even though it's so hard to see it through the down times too!

  3. what lovely pictures, so much love xx

  4. Oh my, he's beautiful. Glad he's doing ok now. Is it just me or does he look a lot like his Dad?

    Megan x

  5. It's excellent to see that Connor is out of hospital, and lokking amazing in his ecellent green socks!
    This post really cheered me up when I sneaked a look at work yesterday, though my squished phone wouldn't let me post a reply!

  6. Megan, yes, he does look exactly like his dad! There is a baby pic of Chris, and apart from the hair it is just so Connor!


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