30 September 2009

Connor and family

Feeling so much better for having spent the day hassling them at the hospital. Today little Connor is plumping out, looks a million times better, is crying PROPERLY, and... About an hour ago he took a proper breastfeed! :)Emma is seriously amazing. I would be in pieces! She's very very unimpressed with the BF specialist who told her on Monday that he was "doing great and latching fine" when he clearly wasn't! And also that at the hospital they had her expressing (for the suplementation tube) every four hours and they clearly hadn't a clue that if she expresses more often she'll get more milk... *sigh*

Chris is also doing great, still floundering a bit wanting to fix it though. He's such a great dad, so sensitive to his boy, and supporting Em even when he's freaked out. He spent a half hour playing with my children with Connor in his arms and took great joy in beating Jenna at table hockey ONE HANDED!They had these things in a certain little parcel today, and were thrilled and very touched. Thankyou so much, Squee!

Oh, and this is hanging in one of the entrances to the lovely brand new children's ward they are on - I want one! It is all beautifully quilted and even has little crochet jellyfish. (Seriously, crochet jellyfish? Now that is cool.) In fact, the whole unit is so nice - their room even has big windows! It is unlike any hospital room I have ever been in. We are thankful for small mercies. Many many small mercies.

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  1. I'm glad the parcel arrived safely!
    Love to you all, my beautiful bouncy friends!


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