4 September 2009

Gifts and random joys

Oh how I love parcels coming through my door. It's like Christmas all year round here! My wonderful Ashleigh made these for us. Little fat sweet warm baby legs. Delicious.
Yesterday Jenna had another birthday present, from Kirsty and Olivia. We built it this morning, and it has been housing fairies so far lol. I love that they really thought hard about what Jenna would love and use. Kind, kind people.
I got a present for this baby too. We so so rarely buy new clothes, but this organic cotton tshirt was pretty hard to pass up. I really didn't have the money to spend actually, but hey we have food in the house!So far today we have made soup for lunch in advance (yum, tomatoes from my garden finally!) and started making red lentil lasagne for tea (inspired by Joxy).

We have laid out a labyrinth in the garden and walked it, forwards and back, forwards and back, carrying precious things into the centre and out again. I wanted to take a candle in as well but the wind is too strong! The ribbons eventually blew loose and we watched the pattern dismantle itself. A lovely moment of just-because celebration shared with my joyful daughters.And we have used the bright September sun to make prints with sun paper, which I wanted to do all summer. It just feels fitting today, to capture what feels like the last of the brightness.I love the season of farewells, of shutting down for the winter, laying up stores, celebrating fullness and ripeness. Ah the Autumn is coming, the Autumn is coming.(I'm sorry, gratuitous shot of Rowan, but she's too cute to stop taking pictures of. Here she is wearing pretty much all of my favorite baby clothes at the same time, even though they clash. She is also blowing raspberries, hence the wet chin, one of her new favorite tricks!)


  1. Yes, Rowan is too cute not to take pictures of :)

  2. Love the little hat :)

    Love the labrinth idea too!

  3. Hehe! I made those! They look really cute on. So glad they fit ok, was worried. :)


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