3 September 2009

Book love and talking about war

As if you didn't all know that I can't resist a charity shop bargain book! Look what I got!We went into town and did the whole library, museum thing. The girls tear round the museum, touching, poking, peering into display cases, pointing out their favorite things. It's a good job it's that kind of museum, because after the library they usually need to be able to touch, and all of the drawers of things to "experience" tick all the boxes. The staff are always so nice, no matter how loud we get.

I also love that the girls switch gear so easily. If there are other people in the museum, they are so great at staying to the emptier areas and not getting in the way of people walking round slowly and quietly. They are also so respectful in the area depicting the work of the local regiments and displaying some of their historical artifacts.

First thing in the morning I told Jenna that it was the anniversary of the start of the Second World War. She started asking questions, and I didn't really know where to start (I should have thought about it beforehand lol, but I really didn't expect any interest). So I asked her, "Jenna, do you know what War means?" And this is what she said:
"War means there is killing and dying. I think, I think we must be at war now because there are people dying in the news. Sometimes children and babies too. But not here, other places. It's sad."

I didn't think I could add any more because what more is there to say? I gave her a hug and told her that WW2 wasn't really that long ago but it was before my parents were born, and that yes it was really sad. And that it's our job to remember, because bad things happen when good people don't care.

I still sometimes worry about treading this line between trusting her to live in this world with all of her heart and mind, and protecting her from things that she just can't assimilate. But she is showing me the way. I think she is a child who will only tolerate truth, which makes her a hard person to protect. I'm also astounded by what she understands, and her ability to turn it into action!


  1. Mia is exactly like this too, she needs to hear the truth and will ask questions continually until she is compleltely sure we have answered her directly and honestly. It does make it hard if you want to soften the edges a bit sometimes doesn't it. But, I think you are right, we just need to allow them to show us the way.

    Love your charity shop finds, we have the first two too :)

    Gina xxx

  2. My wee boy loves How to catch a star - and so do I. Lovely illustrations, and a sweet story.


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