1 September 2009

Weekend pictures

Soft play on Saturday. :) Rowan was puzzled but delighted by this ball-blow-y machine! Magic can be found in carparks too. A crab apple which Jenna collected "for the fairies". So we got home and had a fairy tea party, in which the fairies got to eat crab apple, and the girls got to eat mini cookies. Swimming again. And a whole lot of sorting. So many forgotten things came down from the attic, and so many tiny baby things went back up again. Oh too soon. On the bright side, Morgan now has a LOT of clothes to grow into! We even found a two-year-old-size babygro. Which she looked totally delicious in. Don't ask me why she put the peach skirt over the top lol. She is holding the balloon she liberated from a wedding reception we attended. The bride was beautiful, and the evening was great, but the children were just too tired to stay long. Rowan couldn't decide whether to be in or out of the sling, whether to gaze at everyone and laugh or hide away and cry! Morgan fell asleep in Martin's arms, and Jenna curled up under a table. We all really wanted to stay, but we'd had a disasterous day already really so we weren't going to push the stressed-out smallies!

The long weekend was so appreciated. I was not looking forwards to Martin going back to work today, and then he didn't! But spent the morning sitting waiting for a dentist and the afternoon being slightly grumpy and taking extra-strength painkillers instead. The dentist told him no clove oil! Or maybe he made that bit up to avoid me and my hippy solutions...

Where are the weeks going?


  1. Wow Sarah, Jenna is the image of you in that photo! xx

  2. I love the ball-blowy machine, she is so sweet! I took my eye off Tamsin for (ahem) half an hour or so once at soft play...only to find her stood on top of it so her skirt blew up, tights and knickers abandoned on the floor beside her!

  3. Hahaha Morgan the number of times I've found Morgan almost naked at soft play - and at the pool last week too lol, oops.


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