16 September 2009

Buying new

I HATE shopping for clothes for the girls. Yeah I know I've complained about this before, but I really really really do avoid it at all costs and I've just pretty much had to give in and get some things for Jenna. Usually I'm skilled in the art of finding things for nothing, but although I've had some great freebies and a couple of nice charity shop bits, this girl keeps on getting taller and her wardrobe is even more empty than mine (!) so when we saw actual little-girl-suitable things in Tesco...OK there is a little vestige of guilt at buying new. And buying SUPERMARKET new. But the girl has clothes! Nice clothes, that aren't too pastel nicey nicey, are fairly tough and loose-fitting and proper PLAY CLOTHES. She chose a skirt, and it's cord and knee length!

Now all the people who don't have children are wondering what on earth I'm going on about, and all the parents with older girls are going, "ooh, Tesco did you say?" ;)

Even better, my big girl also has new boots. Hot pink Doc Martens no less. And a coat. Which I *really* want in my size. This coat. It's more purple than the picture, and has one of those gathered backs so it's all swirly and full.So yes, I could have that rant again about older girls clothes all being pre-teen and icky, and all the shoes being School Shoes etc etc don't-even-get-me-started-on-the-gender-specific-grossness-and-slogan-type-stuff but... I found my girly some clothes! She likes them. I like them. She can live in them, play in them, climb in them. Thank goodness for that!


  1. Love the new clothes! Looks like Jenna does too.
    Do not, for a second longer ; ) feel guilty about buying new. Morgan and Rowan will be wearing these in the years to come : )

    Megan (Mum to Imogen) xxx

  2. Love love the owl shirt!! I went looking for shoes for Ingrid the other day only to find them all sparkly or with Disney Princess on them. UGH! Pink Doc Martens sound pretty amazing :)

  3. Oh i was just going to post the same thing lol, new now but soon to be hand downs :). Fab clothes too! Xx

  4. :) Thanks ladies, Morgan already wants to steal the owl top haha. It's nice having three girlies and knowing that even the most pink things Jenna chooses will be worn eventually by someone!

    Amber, the Disney thing drives me MAD! So often the only things in Jenna's size in charity shops are Disney princess, or even older branded Disney stuff (is it High School Musical? Who markets a HIGH SCHOOL theme at five year olds and under?) ugh.

    LOL so much for my promise not to rant. It was VERY nice to find good stuff that fits. :) The new boots were from TKMaxx. Hope you find something as great for Ingrid.

  5. haha this will be me in a few yeas...I can already be seen just standing, glaring into shop windows at various "Bratz" tankinis and the like. Love the tights in particular, nothing like a nice pair of flowery tights!

  6. Feathers - the flowers are her new wellies. She does have new flowery tights too though (and stripy ones that match the owl top, LOVE that owl top).


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