18 September 2009

Why I love co-sleeping

For one thing, sometimes when I slip out early in the morning I get to come back to scenes like this!Morgan has been nursing so much more since she was ill, and she has also been joining us in bed partway through the night a fair bit too. Martin has a distinct lack of space, but I kind of like it. And for what it's worth, the fact that he finds it so difficult and yet still gives himself over to it, still chooses love and gentleness and peace? I admire the parent that my husband is SO much. I admire the person that he is. :)

So many things pass so quickly, and this too will soon be over. So better to smile and see the sweet, precious and loving toddler that she is. So easy, if I think about it, to drop the little niggles of resentment that come from comparisons and pushing her to be someone else.These little moments are perfection itself.


  1. wonderful, beautiful post, that made me smile .. huge love to you and your family xx

  2. :)Lovely photos.

    Everyone looks so peaceful!

  3. Slightly irrelevent Sarah but I am *intrigued* to know what you have between your pillows - looks like binoculars??!

  4. Hahaha Lisa, that's Martin's alarm clock!

  5. awww that is so beautiful!

    Though at first i read it as you "kinf of liked" the fact he had no space hahahaha

  6. Beautiful pictures....made me smile :-)

    Kit x


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