2 September 2009

Some things about me

Well, these things go around the (very small) online world, don't they? And so, with nothing better to do today...

Seven Non-mummy things about me:

1 - The first two items I made on a sewing maching were a silk top for my friend, and three years later, her wedding dress.

2 - I have never yet managed to make a batch of edible jam.

3 - I find it impossible to queue. I'm not a very patient person, but more than that I so rarely want anything badly enough to wait. This drives my family mad.

4 - I usually wear odd socks.

5 - I have never considered myself to be arty or crafty.

6 - My favorite food is either mediterranean lemon chicken or lasagne, I have never managed to decide between them.

7 - I hate hate hate buying clothes (or anything in fact) for myself. (Except books.) I don't mind food shopping as long as the children are contented, but CAN'T leave things in the wrong places on shelves and automatically pull stock forward as I go because I worked in Tesco for two years and my training refuses to leave me.

Seven Mummy things about me:

1 - I never wore a sling until Jenna was ten months old, and the first one was a torn up bedsheet turned into a wrap. I had a hard carrier but felt like she was falling out so never used it. I didn't hear the term "Attachment Parenting" until she was nearly a year old.

2 - I was pregnant with Jenna almost exactly two months after I *met* my husband.

3 - I have been pregnant six times, given birth four times, and nursed all of my three living babies for a grand total of five and a bit years. That means in the last six years I've been pregnant for over three years, and breastfeeding for over five years. Usually both at once.

4 - I sometimes hide in the kitchen to eat pudding for breakfast without the children seeing. Not that I wouldn't let them eat pudding for breakfast, but I prefer them not to, and lack the self-control not to do so myself.

5 - I read parenting books that I strongly disagree with on a regular basis, just to be sure. Sometimes I go around book stores and hide the really toxic stuff.

6 - My children call me "mumma". Sometimes "mama" and rarely "mummy". Jenna only says "mum" when she wants something.

7 - I named all of my babies based on a hunch that it was the right name for them. We agonised for months of the pregnancy, but at some point I just knew. Jenna means "of the white wave", Cai is "sunlight", Eden is "paradise", Morgan is "child by the seashore", Lael is "belonging to Jehovah" and Rowan is from the tree (which symbolises magic, royalty and protection). I knew Rowan's name from twenty weeks gestation.

The last five books I read:

Elfstones of Shannara by Terry Brookes. I've read this before, but didn't realise until most of the way through. I guess you can tell I wasn't impressed lol.

You Are Your Child's First Teacher by Rahima Baldwin Dancy. I expected to hate it and actually found it interesting and helpful - although mostly obvious.

Sophie's World by Jostein Gaardner. I have quite an affection this book and re-read it periodically but it always takes me a long time. While I've been finishing it this time I've started and finished at least another ten books!

Connection Parenting by Pam Leo. I'm trying to keep this one constantly on the go at the moment because it's helping, it really is! This time (fifth consecutive reading) I'm doing the exercises in it with hubby.

Maypoles, Martyrs and Mayhem by Quentin Cooper and Paul Sullivan. This is going to become my new favorite seasons/customs guide/almanack. I love it! A guide to an entire year of traditional English lunacy. :)


  1. You hussy! Two months with Martin and you got knocked up?! LOL :) It was meant to be!

  2. Oh pet, I didn;t realise you'd lost babies =[ their names are gorgeous by the way.

    ona lighter not, I hide icky books too)

  3. You lucky thing, being pregnant so soon!
    I often eat pudding for breakfast too - usually fruit pie of some description, and yesterday I was at work with no food to cook, so had a malt loaf for tea LOL!
    What a strange but interesting little post!

  4. thanks for sharing, I actually quite like posts like this. I'm tempted to copy you lol :)

  5. Oh blimey, elfstones! I read it at about 17, I think, when I had a year of reading nothing but fantasy - until I realised that while i would always love the good stuff most of it was contrived, unoriginal and very dull. Elfstones was in the latter category I believe!


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