16 September 2009

Another update post

Firstly we are kind of over being ill, though Morgan is still snotty (what IS it with toddlers and snot?!) and I STILL HAVE THESE HEADACHES. I'm figuring all I can do is keep drinking lots of water and stay away from the PC when it's worse, which is first thing before I get a drink, and at the end of the day when I'm exhausted.

It made me suspicious for a while that I might be pregnant (I know, no cycle yet, but still) because this is usually one of those horrible things I get when carrying a bean, but I really don't think I am. At least, I had my first ever evaporation line on a test, which was entertaining. After ten minutes, faintly grey rather than pink, yup I'm sure it wasn't a positive. Can you believe I'm not retesting daily? ;)

Rowan has given up on the crawling thing. Mostly she goes round in circles now. Or backwards. It's great having her there rolling around the floor, eating paper if she can get her hands on it and knocking toys over for a pair of sisters who just CAN'T be cross with her. In fact, they are never cross with her.

Even when I'm nursing Rowan in such a position that Morgan can't join in, she is only ever angry with me. Every time this happens and she is screaming and kicking and saying, "mummy milk MUMMMMYYY MIIIILK" I expect her to turn to Rowan and at least have words, but instead she turns to Rowan and strokes her head and hands and says "aw, nice mummy milk, like mummy milk, Rowan's turn"!

Something seems to have happened to EC. I'm not thinking about it and we're using a fair few nappies. But also something magical has happened; I take her to the toilet all through the day when I go, sometimes thinking I need to go and then realising SHE does, and we rarely come home with a wet nappy these days. It's evenings that I'm more lazy about it and inclined not to interrupt her longest feeding period. Maybe that's what put Morgan on strike, me trying too hard and ending up pestering her all the time. Anyhow, tis going really nicely and effortlessly.

The house is really tidy. That won't last. For a while yesterday I had five girls under six years here, and tidying up after that was fun. It's still a bit crazy and busy. I want to slow down but just don't seem able to, because I'm not choosing to be busy it's just happening and happening. Too many fun things to do and chances I just can't miss...

Photo uploading time next!


  1. Oh, how sweet is Morgan?? Not getting mad at baby sister, that's pretty good! Seriously, you guys are doing all the right things, as your little girls seem to be so sweet and loving :)

  2. Eating paper is NOT great; it is one of the most disgusting inventions known to any race that ever existed in the history of all universes, and if it's any comfort, I'm still very snotty, despite having just passed the toddler stage. ;)
    It's so good that the EC is still going well, and just shows why they don't make a fuss about it in most countries - it's obviously natural if it's working that way!
    Enjoy the tidiness while it lasts! xx

  3. Haha don't think it will last, at least it already was taking a hit by this afternoon what with me nursing two grumpies lol. The washing pile has gone though! No mean feat!

  4. ooh I love your blog, we have jsut stated EC - there's nothing lovelier than a bare bottomed baby, and its vert pleasing when they wake up dry from a nap and then go to the 'loo'


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