16 September 2009

Late Assortment

Dedicated to Trena, who has been complaining about the lack of recent posting. ;)

The industrial museum in Derby. This is the first time in aages I've taken the children to the Silk Mill, because it's more of a museum with things in cases than the Museum of Natural History where there are buttons to press and places to run around without getting glared at for making too much noise.Outside on the green there were things going on. Morgan had to dance.Tired babies! The events going on were something to do with the fireworks on Darley Park that happen every year, hey any excuse. We tried to get to everything, and missed most of it lol. This was the best night.The mobile of drummers was amazing! We didn't get in until late but it was so worth it.Oddly dressed people with floating crystal balls. Yup, it really was one of those weekends.We love to drum. What a funny little concentrating face Rowan has.Morgan asleep on the bench in Subway, overwhelmed by tiredness and the last traces of her cold. Poor mite! And as always, the occasional charity shop bargain, and lots and lots of play! Magnetic puppet theatre, £1.


  1. Lovely post. Fab nursing picture too.
    There's something about Rowan that reminds me of Imogen a few years ago <3

    Megan xxx

  2. i love that picture of morgan xxx

  3. Oi! How did you manage to get such fantastic pictures when so many of mine were so rubbish? LOL!
    The silly memory card corrupted the attempt at a video of Jenna dancing in that amazing light pool, but I have a new one now!
    I really love that picture of to two tired tinies!

  4. Also, how exactly did you make me look so short by NOT standing next to you?
    LOL great weekend, and fab pictures!

  5. Awww I love the photos :) The one of Rowan and Morgan asleep together is just so cute.

    Hows the headaches? Any better?
    Assuming you're not pregnant, could it be that you're a bit bunged up still and they are congestion headaches - does it hurt along your brow? Possibly aftermath of being ill?

  6. I've had the headaches far longer than the poorly snotty tired stuff, so I have no idea. Don't think it's my sight but have booked an eye test anyway.

    Oh, and did another test today. Negative. And no suspicious late-appearing lines either. Broody as anything, but not ready for another one yet - glad my body agrees!


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