10 September 2009

Another of those quick notes

I am still here, just not online til today. A few days of fun and randomness (Squee came to stay, and it turns out that none of us are axe murderers) followed by a couple of PJ days because we are a sharing sort of a family and got each others' germs.

Martin had another couple of days off and in bed (groaning, pitifully). And then I spent today being that way myself, only on the sofa, with chaos and small children all around me. Morgan is doing little except nurse, cry and sleep. Rowan is the same (and so hot to the touch)! Jenna is being angelicly sweet, being over the worst of it herself. She changed over the washing just now all on her own while I was nursing two. And keeps fetching drinks for me/cold cloths for the teenies without being asked.

Oh so much to share of this last week, which has been full in every way. Jenna played her first game of Scrabble, Morgan decorated herself in permenant marker, Rowan licked a bit of cucumber before I got it back off her again, we grew more tomatoes and made boats from cardboard boxes, we saw drummers suspended 35m in the air on a giant mobile, talked until late in the night, ate icecream, and made a sign for my mum's classroom door. Yes, we are still living... Tomorrow, maybe a little more.


  1. Sounds a busy week. Hope you all feel much better soon :)

    And bless Jenna, isn't she just fantastic, she is a real credit to herself and to you too :)

  2. Not axe murderers? Now that's news to me! You never know; you haven't had Cat to stay yet! :)
    Thank you for such a fantastic time, and I eagerly await our next session of late night debates and ice cream guzzling. I hope you're all feeling better, and you may like to know that Cat developed the same disease as us at the same time, so now we know where it really came from! xx

  3. Hope you're all much better soon. Miss "seeing" you around. xx


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