1 October 2009

Play pictures

From this week, assorted pictures of the minor but frequently happy goings on. Jenna did some sewing while Ashleigh was round, I didn't expect her to be quite so careful and neat with it but she took it really seriously. I was so pleased that I gave her a proper needle and fabric rather than children's stuff. :)Lots of random craziness. I got so fed up on Monday that I cleaned, so of course there was more space to get out lots of toys lol.A walk with my mum. Happy outdoor playtime.I am still feeling a bit unsettled and bleugh. Not connected to any event or anything big, just feeling low and tired and finding small things overwhelming. Martin is off for a few days. Admittedly he is miserable because he had some teeth out. But he's dosed up on painkillers again, and not doing too badly. His timing was very good, because I so need this time, and to be free to go help out our friends any time. :)


  1. Wow! All those pictures are beautiful, and Jenna's sewing is ace! Just be careful not to let her loose with too much pink fabric lol!

  2. Huge congratualtions to Emma and Chris, what a beautiful little boy! I'm so glad they had a wonderful home birth and that they are home and happy now too. Such happy news and lovely pictures..

    I can't wait to be back online and keep uptodate properly, every time I try to use the computer in the library, the children start ransacking the library!

    Could write a whole essay on how tired, stressed I feel atm too, so big hugs with that...

    Much love to you all
    Gina xxx

  3. Don't think I have any pink fabric, but she's not too upset as long as I have pink thread haha.

    Gina - I am with you on the library computers thing, it's so hard to get online on those things. (hugs) This too shall pass, sweet mama.


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