15 October 2009

Quick update

I have loads of happy family pictures and lots to share, but no time at all and an internet connection that is on the blink... So I will leave you with the news that sounds the most important.

Martin lost his job. So we're playing the benefits/job hunt game again (I can't even count the forms I've filled in over the last two days, not to mention the printing of CVs and covering letters and so on). We're all, well, fine. Slightly stressed, but less stressed than the not knowing part of the whole mess. I suppose this is a great chance for a new start, though the timing could as always be better.

Also, thanks to the lovely Sparky for keeping in touch (one of my FAVORITE books of all time too) and the best of luck for the coming adventure. :)


  1. good luck with everything! I'll be thinking about you guys.

  2. Sorry to hear that, hope everything works out for you all. xxx

  3. Is it any consolation that my house got flooded last night? Things could always be worse, or so I keep telling myself lol!
    I hope Martin not only finds a job, but gets one with a decent employer. I know how rubbish job hunting is, and my thoughts are with you all. Beautiful finger painting by the way!


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