26 October 2009

Days like these

I really am enjoying the craziness very much suddenly. The lethargy has passed, and although I'm still tired and emotional, I'm also itching to DO and to be more available to the littles for play and madness. I have gone from impatient over silly things, to laughing at everything and being very slow to snap, seemingly overnight.

PJs and yoga and early morning madness.Two big girls making soup together for our lunch. Jenna decided what should go in, and when she ran out of things to chop up Morgan handed over something from her selection of softer things. Turns were taken for stirring too. They are just so generous and gentle to each other.Green smoothies. The carseat does make a perfect child-size temporary armchair and I'm finding it both affirming and hilarious how they bargain for a turn! Rowan is eating bites here and there, hardly swallowing anything still, but she does go mad when she sees a straw because she LOVES green smoothie. I worry about rationing it so she leaves plenty of room for milk. Of course, nothing puts this baby off her milk.Things, in short, are gloriously good today. :)


  1. Wow, what is in those smoothies? I love that colour! I'm wearing a jumper that's almost the same colour today.

  2. Apple, kiwi, pear, orange, pine nuts and spinach! I think Innocent make a green one now though, minus the wierd ingredients lol.

    I love green, I was wearing a green jumper today too but more of a bluey green. And Rowan has new brown and green stripe organic trousers that she wears all the time to make people think she's a boy.

    PS - Yes to Cattan, have played and like that one - wouldn't play it every day and think it might be possible to get bored with it, but there seem to be expansions lol!

  3. That sounds just as delicious as it looks.
    I'll look at what else is out, and will go for Catan with an expansion if there's nothing else that grabs me.

  4. sounds like a lovely day. :)


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