24 October 2009

PJs and more park play

Presents from a friend, chosen with such kindness and a great eye - they fit perfectly and are JUST the right choices for two happy little girlies (very warm little girlies now too). As soon as we got home, they both insisted it was pyjama time.Another day at the park, with folks from Green Parent. We were drenched by the time we got home but it was worth it! Plus we had the park practically to ourselves as everyone else seems rain-adverse. Most of Markeaton was carpeted in yellow leaves, and it IS the best park for playing hide and seek with all of those ready made fairy houses/pirate hideouts in the bushes.Then of course another trip to meet Emma and Chris and Connor on their local park! We like parks at this time of year when everyone else is back at school or hiding from the weather. I think our waterproofing is up to at least another few weeks of regular trips to the swings and leaf-piles... Anyhow, Connor nursed the whole time we were out, which was so lovely to see and must have been pretty encouraging for Em. Just those little panics waiting for letdown, howling at the breast before he realises that the milk is there after all. He has such an amazing voice!

Back to another quiet day today pretty much. We are doing housework but also creating mess at the same time. Today has so far included stories, dominoes, mandala cards, tree blocks, indoor skittles, painting, and beeswax models. These are Jenna's snail and Morgan's frog.Though the others have all been out a bit - Martin made a Guy with the girls at Dad's group first thing and they did a quick circuit of the block for mum's dog who is staying for a few days.

Most common thing said to me by strangers: You must have your hands full.

Most common thing said to me by strangers when they find out that Jenna isn't in school because we're homeschooling: Wow that must be a lot of work for you.

Um no. And also yes. And, hmm, how on earth is anyone supposed to answer that?

We live a full and happy life together. If that's work, it's also joyful and exhilarating work, and if it is also slightly crazy I wouldn't have it any other way.

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  1. Pyjamas are great. I do like Morgan's pyjama bottoms very much.
    Your park pictures are also fantastic, and Emma looks so radiant with her babe. The model frog is very appealing too.


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